Crossroads Press re-releases satan’s angel

Greetings, All!

Satan's Angel 2My friend, Kathryn Ptacek, would like all of you to know that her book, Satan’s Angel, has been re-released on Kindle! If you enjoy well-written historical romance, you’ll love this book. Rush on over to Amazon and check it out!

Satan’s Angel, the Los Angeles Times bestselling historical romance by Kathryn Atwood (aka Kathryn Ptacek) has just been released in ebook format by Crossroad Press. The novel, set in the 1600s, is part of the KDP Select program from Amazon. Satan’s Angel was originally published in paperback by Jove Books in 1981, and was on the B. Dalton and Walden’s bestseller lists as well.


Raised in the wild, the unwanted child of a noblewoman, silver-haired Angel is found by two wayfaring scoundrels who rename her Jackie, train her in the roguish ways of the road, and safeguard her ever-more-tempting beauty by disguising her as a boy.

But one night on London’s fog-shrouded streets, Jackie chooses the wrong victim to rob—the dashing “Satan” Blade, duke of Avalon, rumored by many to be the devil’s own. To avoid jail, Jackie becomes Avalon’s partner in court intrigue. Yet her choice of freedom merely enslaves her, for the duke knows her only as a boy, while Jackie comes to love him with a woman’s fierce desire…

Kathryn Ptacek is the author of more than two dozen novels in the romance, horror, and fantasy fields. She has also had over 200 short stories, interviews, articles, and columns appear in numerous magazines and anthologies. Her books include Gila!, Ghost Dance, Shadoweyes, Aurora, and My Lady Rogue, among others. Kathryn also edited the first Women in Horror Anthologies, Women of Darkness and Women of Darkness II.

Satan's Angel

You can find Satan’s Angel here.


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