Welcome to October Frights 2021!

October Frights Graphic4

Welcome to October Frights, Horror Fiends! We’re so glad you could join us. Once again it’s the annual celebration of all things frightening. And we promise Frighten Me will not disappoint.

Frighten Me will be showing videos all week long, beginning with this reading of, “The Face,” by Naching T. Kassa. This story came in second in the Next Great Horror Writer Contest and appeared in the ebook anthology, Campfire Tales

Just look at that scary face! Ooh! Are you scared? We sure are!

Please enjoy, “The Face.”

Ooh! Told you that was scary!

On a serious note, please remember to check out the Book Fair, the Giveaway and the other blogs in the Blog Hop. These wonderful authors have some amazing things to share and we guarantee, you won’t want to miss a thing!



An Angell’s Life

Always Another Chapter

Angela Yuriko Smith


Frighten Me

Hawk’s Happenings

James P. McDonald

Blood Red Shadows

The Unicorn Herd

Creative Quill


Welcome to Avalon

Take a look at this Panel as well!

And make sure you come back tomorrow! We’ll be here all week!


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