October Frights 5

Well, fiends, it’s the last day of the OCTOBER FRIGHTS BLOG HOP and we’re so glad you could join us on this journey. We hope you’ve enjoyed the many dishes of terror laid out before you and that you’ve sampled each and every one.

Frighten Me has a final gift for you on this final day. It’s a poem, one we hope you’ll like.

Call of the Skinwalker

By Naching T. Kassa

I had a brother once,

A man of crooked smile,

He took a ritual of mountains,

And vanished from our lives,

He sought the darker shadows,

Somber silence of the grave,

Sharpened lust for killing,

No amount of blood could slake,

He rushes over wasteland,

On four feet, sometimes two,

Coyote visage snarling,

His target well in view,

He is only half a man,

Until he kills again,

He cannot work his magic,

Without the blood of kin,

And so he seeks me nightly,

Peering through the window glass,

Only one way I can kill him,

And that’s with white tree ash,

I’ll coat all the bullets,

And avoid his Mesmer gaze,

But can I kill my brother…

Is there nothing left to save?

His talons squeal upon the tin,

He knocks upon the door,

Skinwalker sees with brother’s eyes,

He’s gone forevermore.

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