October Frights 4

OCTOBER FRIGHTS is in full swing and we’re celebrating with a look inside Still Water Bay, the exciting fiction series available on Crystal Lake Publishing’s Patreon. Still WaterEpisode 1 - The Guild Audio Bay was created by Joe Mynhardt, and chronicles the adventures of Asadi, a man with a terrible past and a frightening future.

After his father disowned him, Asadi emigrated to America and attended school at the University of Alabama. There, he met Taqiya, a woman who would become his wife. When the first episode of Still Water Bay opens, we learn that Asadi and Taqiya have moved to Still Water, Georgia, and Taqiya is pregnant. Asadi also attends his first meeting with a grieving group at the local library.

But Still Water is not an ordinary town. It sits on the edge of Still Water Bay, a strangely placid body of water. Ever since the sixties, Still Water has lain quiet, with nary a wave or a ripple. Monstrosities lurk beneath the surface and at night, they come out to feed.

You see, the grieving group is actually an organization called, “The Guild,” seven Episode 2 - Death in the Family Audiopeople who fight the creatures beneath the Bay. They have just lost one of their members and Asadi is the best candidate for his replacement.

But first, Asadi will experience great tragedy at the hands of a beast with a taste for innocent blood. He will face terror he has never known and his life will change forever.

Still Water Bay is written by Joe Mynhardt, Jay Wilburn, Guy Medley, Red Lagoe, Jay Bechtol, Amanda Hard, and Naching T. Kassa. The first five episodes of season one are available in several Audio formats and also on Kindle. Then, if your hunger for Still Water Bay still hasn’t been sated, join Crystal Lake Publishing’s Patreon and check it out. There are over 30 episodes in the Still Water Bay series for you to enjoy!

Still Water Bay Audible Episodes:


The Guild – By Joe Mynhardt and Naching T. Kassa

A Call to Action – By Joe Mynhardt and Naching T. KassaEpisode 4 - Lure Audio

A Death in the Family – By Joe Mynhardt and Naching T. Kassa

Lure – By Jay Wilburn

Lost Souls – By Naching T. Kassa

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