of: the final day

October Frights Banners2

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. They say that all good things must ennnnddd!

We’ve reached the final day of the October Frights Blog Hop. It’s too bad it has to end, but we’ll be back next year with all new frights and sights.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the books you’ve seen on the tour. Please, if you happen to purchase or win one, leave a review for the author. It will be most appreciated.

Now we come to the finale of the Sweaty Sock trilogy. Are you ready? Are you scared? What will happen to the young girl? Will she finally rid herself of the Sweaty Sock monster for good? Click away and see!

Well, that was quite a twist!! We didn’t see that coming!

Thank you so much for joining us. We hope you’ve enjoyed the videos. Now, click on over to the Giveaway, the Bookfair and the other blogs. And, please, have a safe and Happy Halloween!



An Angell’s Life

Always Another Chapter

Angela Yuriko Smith


Frighten Me

Hawk’s Happenings

James P. McDonald

Blood Red Shadows

The Unicorn Herd

Creative Quill


Welcome to Avalon.

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