OF: Day 3

October Frights Banners2

It’s Day 3 of the October Frights Blog Hop and the thrills just keep coming! Have you visited the Book Fair or entered the Giveaway? I know you’ve visited these blogs:



An Angell’s Life

Always Another Chapter

Angela Yuriko Smith


Frighten Me

Hawk’s Happenings

James P. McDonald

Blood Red Shadows

The Unicorn Herd

Creative Quill


Welcome to Avalon

Are you scared yet? 

Here is another story for your viewing pleasure. This one was written for the first Iron Writer’s Challenge put on by the wonderful Angela Yuriko Smith of Space and Time Magazine. Each contestant had to write a story based on four prompts. One was the song, “Fly Me to the Moon,” as sung by Frank Sinatra. The other three, were pictures. One was a street at night. The second was a woman’s face, covered with gems, and the last was a rose. Here’s what Naching T. Kassa came up with.

Please enjoy, “Along for the Ride.”

Ooh! If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is!
Remember to join us tomorrow. We have more surprises in store, including another video from the Kassa Kids!

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