Guest Post: “Meant to Be Spooked”!

The Tao of Tim

MTBSpookedFCHave you ever wondered what it would be like to match make a ghost? Well, Jane Saunders is about to find out.

Jane Sanders is a professional matchmaker and her new client is to die for. Henry Roberts is a handsome and charming Englishman, someone every woman would want. There’s just one problem. Henry is also ghost, cursed to appear as each woman’s nightmare. Can Jane aid him in his hunt for true love? Or will she experience her first failure and condemn his soul to hell forever?

Check out this excerpt for a taste of what “Cursed by Cupid” has to offer.


Cursed by Cupid
by Naching T. Kassa

The day Henry Roberts came to my door, was a dark and stormy one, but when he
crossed the threshold I felt as though a living, breathing ray of sunshine had stepped in. Not only was the man tall, dark-haired and handsome, he also had…

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