The Inspiration Behind Cursed by Cupid

Featured Image -- 167The Inspiration Behind Cursed by Cupid Or How Henry Roberts Discovered Autocorrect

By Naching T. Kassa

Horror, romance, and comedy are three of my favorite genres, and when I wrote, “Cursed by Cupid,” for Meant to Be Press’s new anthology, Meant to Be…SPOOKED, I had the opportunity to write all three. It was a dream come true and a daunting task all wrapped into one. How would I mix all genres successfully? What should I write about? Who would I write about?

The inspiration came while I perused Facebook one morning. One of my friends had posted a link to an article about Autocorrect fails. They were hilarious. I loved the ones where people, inexperienced with Autocorrect, send messages to their children. They had no clue how Autocorrect had twisted their words.

The article planted a seed in my mind. What if a ghost tried to use a cell phone to text a message and Autocorrect changed the meaning of his words? Even worse, what if he’s texting a woman who could possibly break the curse he’s under?

Inspiration bloomed as the scene came to life. The ghost became a handsome English gentleman who, when living, had been somewhat careless in his dealings with women. He had spurned a woman who happened to be a witch and, after killing him, she’d put a curse on his head. He would wander the earth for two hundred years, looking for a woman who could love him. If he didn’t find her in that time, he’d be taken straight to Hell. It was a real Beauty and the Beast situation.

However, Henry Roberts (as I’d come to call him) lived in our modern age. He couldn’t lock a woman up and hope she’d come to love him. He needed to use modern methods. Enter Jane Sanders, matchmaker extraordinaire. Henry would use Jane’s online dating service to find someone who could break the curse.

Jane looks like Velma Dinkley and thinks like Sam Spade. She’s attracted to Henry the minute he walks through the door, but she knows his interests lie elsewhere. She’s content to aid him in his search for love and it is she who matches Henry with Georgia Ray Allman.  She also gives Henry the cell phone to text Georgia. We have come full circle. The scene which inspired the story has spawned characters and plot.

Inspiration is an amazing thing. Like lightning, we never know where or when it will strike.





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