Final Day of October Frights: Lucy

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All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, another October Frights has drawn to a close. We hope you’ve enjoyed the stories here on Frighten Me and that you’ll return next year for another go round of thrills and chills.

Special thanks go to A.F. Stewart for putting this together every year. Without her, there would be no Blog Hop. Please, check out her work by clicking below and don’t forget to visit the blogs of  Stephanie Ayers, Leta Hawk, Carmilla Voiez, McCallum Morgan, Debbie Christiana, Winnie Jean Howard, Lyssa Medana, Samantha Bryant, Jim McDonald, and John Linwood Grant.

Here is our final piece of flash fiction. It’s called “Lucy,” and features a familiar friend…or should we say fiend. 

Thank you for joining us!


By Naching T. Kassa

Faint moonlight worked a patchwork of light and shadow as it streamed between the trees. I moved over the forest floor, my feet silenced by pine needles. Mina was not as soundless as I. Leaves rustled and sighed in her wake.

I didn’t need sound to track her. The cool, night breeze carried the mingled scents of lavender, the lover we shared, and her blood.

As she led me through the maze of forest, my teeth grew long and sharp. The darkness grew brighter as instinct brought my nocturnal vision to bear. Soon my pale limbs and diaphanous gown transformed into mist. I floated after Mina, stopping only when she reached a small clearing.

Though corrupted by the blood of our lover, life still dwelled within Mina’s thin form. Why my lover had not yet turned her, I did not know. He was Master of the Night, right hand to the Prince of Darkness—not a slave to the softer passions. No chamber of his heart could contain an ounce of love for her.

Or me.

He had warned me away from her. Said she belonged to him. What was it that made her special? Was it the blood?

I had to taste it.

My quarry had reached a clearing and here, she stopped. I secreted myself behind the trunk of an elm and from this vantage point, observed her. She stood with her back toward me.

Something screamed in the night air above us. I glanced up, my eyes catching a glint of silver among the treetops. Then, it vanished.

Assuming a corporeal form, I broke from the forest. My footsteps were those of a ghost as I crossed the clearing.

No human, not even a half-bred one, could’ve sensed my presence. Her warmth radiated, her blood surged. Another step and I would savor the sweet rush of it.

Before I could take the step, she bent backward. Her upturned eyes gazed into mine as she twisted.

I paused.

Her lips parted at the sight of me. My mouth watered when I detected fear in her eyes.

She screamed, a strange high-pitched sound.

I looked up too late.

The falcon burst out of the trees and swept over Mina’s body. Silver-tipped talons gleamed. They slashed at my face. Flesh tore and cold blood dripped. The scream became my own.

I fell to the ground.

Footsteps receded.

I’ve been on my hands and knees for hours now. The damned bird ripped out my nose and my eyes. They’re healing though. Mina’s scent is on the wind.

And, there’s a yellow glow in the sky.

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